04-03-019 General Meeting

      I.         Welcome

     II.         Mrs. Maxwell Update

-     Fourteen Cibolo Creek Elementary teachers will leave, retire, or transfer this school year.

-     Next year, Cibolo Creek Elementary will have teams of 4 for the First thru Fourth grade levels and a team of 5 for Fifth grade.

-     Online registration is open for all new and returning students. A Re-enrollment Challenge is currently in placing affording students an opportunity to win a popsicle party when their class reaches 100% enrollment.

-       The Parent Satisfaction Survey is now available and will be open through April 18, 2019.

-       The Patrick Heath Public Library is currently hosting the BISD Art Show.

-       Kinder Exploration will be held April 4, 2019 at 4 p.m. & 5:30 p.m.

-       The STAAR TEST will commence April 9 - 11, 2019. The campus will be closed on those dates and no visitors will be permitted.

   III.         District Update

A.    Online registration for returning students

B.     Parent Satisfaction Survey open til 4/18

   IV.         Old Business

A.    Wheeler’s Big Win –Tickets are available until Tuesday April 9, 2019. A 100% of ticket proceeds will be donated to Cibolo Creek Elementary. 

B.     Kendra Scott trunk show – May 2, 3:30-5:30pm @ the Book Fair

C.     CCES Family Night at Dog and Pony – Tentative for the fourth week of May.

     V.         New Business

A.    Treasurer report

1.     Reimbursements for 2018-2019 due 5/24!!

2.     Carryover for 2019-2020 - $30,000.00

B.     PTO Luncheon – May 1, 11:30am @ Cypress Grille

1.     Board Mtg, 11:00 @ Boerne Grill (Board members and Committee Chairs)

2.     Volunteer Appreciation at 1:00 or 1:30 (Parents and all Volunteers)

C.     Teacher Appreciation Week – May 6-10

1.     Tuesday and Thursday? (Snack cart/gift, luncheon)

2.     Room parents

3.     Additional funds for staff gift

PTO members and attendees of the general PTO meeting have motioned to approve additional funds for the purchase of staff gift cards in the amount of $50 each per staff member. Total $3000. Approved.

D.    Bike Rodeo – May 17 (SRO Officers have been requested for this event)

E.    End of the year parties – May 29

F.     Herff PTO donation

PTO members and attendees of the general PTO meeting have motioned to approve $5,000 to support Herff Elementary’s PTO. Approved.

G.    Voss PTO donation

-       PTO Members and attendees of the general PTO meeting have motioned to approve $1,000 to support Voss Middle School’s PTO. Approved.

H.    Cub Crawl T-shirt donation

-       PTO Members and attendees of the general PTO meeting have motioned to approve

$3,000 for student and staff shirts. Approved.


I.      Final grant period

1.     Sidewalk across front field                                           $10,533

2.     CAMT Math Conference (McCauley & Farias)                        $390

3.     Installation of disc golf signs (Houck)                         $465

4.     2 power strips (Joannou)                                             $50

5.     Mat for Bee Bots (Joannou)                                         $70

6.     Camera bag & memory card (Houck)                          $33

7.     Yacker Tracker (Meschko)                                           $106

8.     Front office makeover (Hillman)                                 $500                

9.     Playground games – 3 giant Connect 4 (Maxwell)        $600

10.  Overage for VR headsets (Joannou)                            $1000


-       - PTO members and attendees of the general PTO meeting have motioned to approve item one in the amount of $10,533 for front field sidewalk.  Approved.

-       - Items two through ten were approved during April 3rd Board Meeting.



  VI.         2019-2020 PTO Board

A.    President – Whitney Bailey

B.     VP Membership – Jenny Heymann

C.     VP Fundraising – Jennifer House

D.    VP Communications – Adrianne Carnes

E.    VP Volunteers – Laura Foshee

F.     Secretary – Jessica Nelson

G.    Treasurer – Jen Gillane

H.    Parliamentarian – Becky Studer


-       PTO members and attendees of the general PTO meeting have motioned to approve the 2019-2020 PTO Board. Approved.



VII.         2019-2020 Committee Chairs

A.    Bike Rodeo – Jenna Lucas

B.     Blessings in a Backpack – Annie Cude, Elizabeth White

C.     Box Tops – OPEN

D.    Cub Crawl – Jennifer House, Whitney Bailey

E.    Room Parent Coordinator – Laura Foshee

F.     School Supplies - OPEN

G.    Science Fair - OPEN

H.    Spirit Sticks – Jenny Heymann

I.      Spirit Wear – Jenna Lucas

J.      Staff Appreciation – Amy Barag

K.    Staff Luncheons – OPEN

L.     Workroom – Seana Doherty

M.   Yearbook – Becky Studer


VIII.         Guest speaker: Tanya Tate, Herff Elementary Principal

·      Mascot suggestions will be reviewed, and the final three mascots will be shared with the Herff Family for approval.

·      School traditions are being considered

·      Herff Elementary will host the dual language program

·      PTO Meeting is scheduled for April 15, 2019


  IX.         Calendar

A.    Apr 9-12                            STAAR testing

B.     Apr 17                               3rd grade field trip

C.     Apr 18                               Staff bday lunch

D.    Apr 19, 22                         NO SCHOOL

E.    Apr 25                               2nd grade musical

F.     Apr 29-May 3                    Book fair

G.    May 1        11:00                PTO Board Mtg

H.    May 1        11:30                PTO Luncheon @ Cypress Grille

I.      May 1        1:30pm            Volunteer Appreciation

J.      May 6-10                           Teacher Appreciation Week

K.    May 9                                Staff Luncheon

L.     May 13-15                          STAAR testing

M.   May 16                               Kinder Program

N.    May 16                               Staff bday lunch

O.    May 17                               Bike Rodeo

P.     May 22                               AR Store

Q.    May 23                               Cub Choir Spring Concert

R.     May 24                               Paint the Sidewalk

S.     May 27                               NO SCHOOL

T.     May 28                               5th Grade Talent Show

U.    May 29                               End of Year Parties

V.    May 30                               5th Grade Promotion

W.   May 30                               Last Day of School

11-14-2018 General Meeting

PTO General Meeting November 14, 2018 Agenda

  1. Welcome

  2. Mrs. Hillje Update

- Thank you to everyone who assisted in Cub Crawl and to everyone who participated in

the Veterans Day Ceremony, as both were a great success.

III. District Update
A. Asof11/2,thereare9,185students
-Cibolo Creek Elementary currently has 771 students enrolled. B. HerffPrincipalpositionposted
- The position is to be announced in January of 2019.
C. Parent survey
-Fewer responses were received for this survey. No results yet. D. Chapter41&Schoolfinancereformrecommendations

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